Win Your Next Game Of Paintball With These Tips


Paintball is a popular and enjoyable sport. Since this is a simulated war game played with small or large groups, you want to be able to have a strategy and a competitive advantage so you could successfully take down your opponent and win the game.

Here are a few tips that should come in handy the next time you play paintball.

Utilize your protection. Be aware of your environment, the terrain and the objects that you can use to cover and know the terrain enough to gauge which of these objects your opponent could potentially be using to hide. Take advantages of hills that will allow you to slowly climb up in order to get a good look at your targets.

Movement. Strategies with a lot of movement can give you a better advantage. Continue to shoot at your opponent and never hesitate to move in order to move to a better position. Your chances of getting hit is high if you only remain in one place. Moving in another position makes you less of a target and you will get a better angle of your opponent.

Teamwork. This is one game that fosters cooperation and teamwork. Work together as a group and communicate effectively so you can take out your opponent. It is also essential that you trust your teammate that he has your back especially when providing cover and making that big attack. Having that harmonious relationship with your team will give you a better shot at winning the game.

Perfect your basic shooting skill. Being able to shoot accurately is a skill that you should improve and perfect so you can eliminate your opponent. Use your paintballs wisely and get closer enough to your opponent in order for you to hit them.

Spending the Day Outside? Follow These Tips to be Sun Smart

Sun exposure

The sun beats down upon us every single day – even when it’s darkly overcast, or shrouded in fluffy rain clouds. No matter where you are, or what the status of the sky is, the sun is forever sending its UV-laden rays down to Earth. This means that it’s always important to be aware of what effects sun exposure can have. So be sun smart for the sake of our skin, our body, and our health. Prolonged sun exposure, or too much time beneath its rays, can lead to problems both immediately and years down the road. In order to stay safe, keep in mind that spending time outside in the sun requires extra protection. Keep these sun-smart tips in mind the next time you step into the sun.

Use Shade Often

Shade provides the perfect cool cover when you’re trying to hide from the hot sun, and it’s also an excellent way to give yourself some quick relief from UV light exposure. When you’re spending the day out in direct sunlight, make sure to have a shady spot nearby – the cover of a large tree, a pop-up canopy, or even a patio covered by a roof. You should utilize shade during the hottest part of the day, when your shadow is shorter than you are, and whenever you feel yourself getting hot enough to bake. Take a break, and protect against sunburns or UV damage, by stepping into the shade every few hours.

Wear Protective Clothing

When it’s hot out, we don’t exactly enjoy bundling up in warm, covered clothing. Instead, we want to be as lightweight in our outfit choices as possible. However, leaving so much of your skin exposed to the sun’s rays puts you at risk for sunburn and UV harm. You don’t have to get completely covered up when heading outside; instead, choose lightweight and loose-fitting items that will keep you as covered as possible. For example, you can don a thin long-sleeved shirt, or a long and loose maxi skirt, to cover your appendages but remain cool in temperature.

Apply Sunscreen And Reapply Often

We all know that sunscreen offers the best protection from the sun itself… but we don’t always remember that we need to put it on. Before heading outside at all, make sure you’ve put sunscreen of some kind on your face – and if you plan to have more skin exposed, slather some on any potentially visible areas. Sunscreen helps to filter our exposure to UV rays. Although it does allow some sun to hit our skin, it protects against the most damaging effects of prolonged sun time. Make sure to reapply frequently, though, as sunscreen loses efficiency over time.

Paintball is Not Only Fun, But Can Also Improve Your Fitness


What isn’t fun about paintball? Running around outside, either in a natural environment or the exciting confines of a paintball park, aiming and shooting explosions of brightly colored paint at your friends and foes makes for an exciting day. You can attack others with shots of paint, colorful bursts that leave a mark on clothing and help you practice your shooting skill without harm. Yet an afternoon, or entire day, of paintball playtime makes for more than fun – it’s actually quite an invigorating and effective workout. Here are a few ways that paintball can give you an entirely new workout.

It’s a Full Body Workout

If you’re used to hitting the gym in order to achieve an entire-body workout, turn to paintball instead. While shooting during paintball, you’ll find yourself crawling, running, aiming, diving, and even dodging – all of which come together into a total body workout. Both fast moving and strategic, paintball leads players to move so rapidly and frequently that you don’t even realize just how much cardio you’re performing. Forget struggling to find the motivation to go to the gym; instead, grab your paintball gun, and you’ll remain active enough to burn calories, without even realizing it.

It Builds Endurance

Because playing paintball involves so much cardiovascular exercise, it’s a fantastic way to improve your workout endurance. Instead of running laps through your neighborhood, or hopping on the stationary bike at your usual gym, you can “play” your way to increased endurance, boosting your breathing, your heart rate, and your body’s ability to burn calories and fat. The more you play, the fitter you’ll become.

It Ups Your Physical Strength

Another advantage of enjoying paintball outings is its ability to build your muscle strength while you shoot. Because you’re performing significant and challenging cardio activity out there on the range or field, while also carrying a paintball gun and safety gear, you’re accustoming your body to hauling weight while also dodging, sprinting, and jumping. All of your physical moves couple with the weight of your equipment, acting like hand weights at the gym. The more you carry, the better you’ll be able to lift increasing amounts of weight – so, you’re essentially weight training, too, while paintballing.

Appropriate Clothing To Wear For Your Next Game Of Paintball

protective clothing

Paintball is a fun sport and an active one. It requires you to be agile, duck, and run, often crisscrossing through woodlands or difficult terrain. Not to mention the weather when you are out in the playing area. It is a necessity that you are in the proper attire if you are going to get into the game. It must be something that is comfortable, wherein you can move freely, and safeguard your entire body.

Upper Garments

The foremost thing you have to bear in mind when choosing your apparel is that it can protect you from the impact of paintball. Players opt for thick shirts, sometimes dressed in layers, so that it won’t be easily damaged and can reduce the sting of the blow. A long sleeve shirt is most preferable in order to protect your arms and hands. Others put on sweatshirts over a long sleeve shirt or wear vests. Serious paintball players pick ghillie suits, usually worn by hunters; or sniper suits, which can be bought in military supply shops. Some paintball stores also offer body armor or ninja suits with padded collar as well as other paraphernalia.

Bottom Wear

Cargo pants, sweatpants, or baggy pants are well recommended. Some wear long johns underneath their pants. Your pants must not only be comfortable but also durable enough that it can keep itself from being ripped with all the crawling, rolling around, kneeling and running in a terrain where there are rocks, twigs and thorns.


Comfortable, sturdy sneakers or low-cut boots are your best options. It can also be a pair of football cleats or military boots, as long as you don’t mind getting them dirty or wet. Do not go for sandals or open toed shoes as these cannot protect your feet.

Protective Gear

You have to watch out for your eyes, head, neck, hands, and basically any exposed skin. Head gear, like a helmet or a cap, will keep your head covered. Put on a pair of goggles to prevent the paint from getting into your eyes. Put a bandana or scarf around your neck for protection. Try and cover up all areas of your skin to protect it from damage. You can also sport a pair of gloves to keep your hands from getting bruised. Wear padding on your elbows and knees, which you normally use for balance or support, and other sensitive areas of your body.

Snacks to Take With You on Your Next Paintball Adventure


Paintball is one exhilarating game that almost anyone can enjoy. It is often a game used during team building or leadership activity. It doesn’t just test your ability to work with your team, it also tests your analytical ability, your patience, your physical fitness and your strategic ability. This well loved game can give you so much benefits, believe it or not.

Since this game has a physical component, you want to make sure that you are prepared for it and that your body has enough fuel for you to last the entire game. After the game, you need to eat something that will help you recover from the game, restore the energy and calories that were spent during the activity. You would need food that are rich in carbohydrates and protein to do that. Here are some of the recommended snacks.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are made from granola, a breakfast food consists of rolled oats, honey and nuts. It is high in calories and carbohydrates. Another version of this snack is yogurt topped with granola giving you your need for carbohydrates and protein.

Protein Bars

If you want something convenient and doesn’t need too much preparation, a protein bar would be perfect. It is high in protein, which is needed to build the muscles used during the activity. Check the label to make sure that it doesn’t contain high amount of sugar especially if you’re trying to lose weight. If you crave something sweet then stick to the natural sources like fruits.

Protein Shakes

If you aren’t in the mood for those protein bars then protein shakes could be an alternative. This requires very little preparation. All you need to do is to mix, shake and drink. You can also drink protein shakes to hydrate you during the quick paintball game break.

Low Fat Chocolate Milk

This yummy drink has a mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat ideal for muscle recovery. Moderation is the key. Only drink around 8-10 oz of milk after the game.

How Young Is Too Young Before Kids Try Paintball?


Paintball is a sport where competing teams of players shoot paint-filled balls at each other with the use of air powered guns. A player is eliminated if they are tagged with the paint. This sport can be played indoors or outdoors. For safety reasons, each players are required to wear masks to protect your face. If a paintball hits you directly in the eye, you may be blinded for life. Sometimes it can even leave your with a bruise if you it hits your body. Other Players would wear elbow and knee pads for added protection.

This is a game of team work and strategy and at the same time it could be something fun to do with your friends. It too could give you the exercise that you need. Trust me, you will most likely do a lot of running and squatting, targeting your leg muscles, while playing this game. Although this can be a relatively safe sport, is a child ever too young to play it? Or an adult too old?

The age limit imposed by different paintball sites and even the laws of different country’s vary. For example, In Argentina, children below 16 years old are forbidden to play without parent’s consent. In Germany, children below 18 years old are not allowed to play. In Australia, a parent’s authorization is also needed for players that are below 18 years of age. The requirements for each state also differs. It is different when you play in Queensland, Australia. (Minimum age is 15 years old) than when you play paintball in South Australia (minimum age of 12). Some of the kids playing paintball in South Australia look young enough to be wearing diapers. It is so crazy that kids this young are allowed to play paintball. Too young in our opinion.

If you are considering introducing your child to paintball, you may want to consider his or her maturity level. You want to make sure that your child understands the safety rule of the game and comply to it. They need to be at an age where they understand that this is a game, a sport, and that they do not overreact should they end up getting hit. If you are confident with their maturity level then the next thing you should do is call up your nearest paintball site office to know what their requirements are. Just remember that as a parent, your child’s safety is always a priority.