Spending the Day Outside? Follow These Tips to be Sun Smart

Sun exposure

The sun beats down upon us every single day – even when it’s darkly overcast, or shrouded in fluffy rain clouds. No matter where you are, or what the status of the sky is, the sun is forever sending its UV-laden rays down to Earth. This means that it’s always important to be aware of what effects sun exposure can have. So be sun smart for the sake of our skin, our body, and our health. Prolonged sun exposure, or too much time beneath its rays, can lead to problems both immediately and years down the road. In order to stay safe, keep in mind that spending time outside in the sun requires extra protection. Keep these sun-smart tips in mind the next time you step into the sun.

Use Shade Often

Shade provides the perfect cool cover when you’re trying to hide from the hot sun, and it’s also an excellent way to give yourself some quick relief from UV light exposure. When you’re spending the day out in direct sunlight, make sure to have a shady spot nearby – the cover of a large tree, a pop-up canopy, or even a patio covered by a roof. You should utilize shade during the hottest part of the day, when your shadow is shorter than you are, and whenever you feel yourself getting hot enough to bake. Take a break, and protect against sunburns or UV damage, by stepping into the shade every few hours.

Wear Protective Clothing

When it’s hot out, we don’t exactly enjoy bundling up in warm, covered clothing. Instead, we want to be as lightweight in our outfit choices as possible. However, leaving so much of your skin exposed to the sun’s rays puts you at risk for sunburn and UV harm. You don’t have to get completely covered up when heading outside; instead, choose lightweight and loose-fitting items that will keep you as covered as possible. For example, you can don a thin long-sleeved shirt, or a long and loose maxi skirt, to cover your appendages but remain cool in temperature.

Apply Sunscreen And Reapply Often

We all know that sunscreen offers the best protection from the sun itself… but we don’t always remember that we need to put it on. Before heading outside at all, make sure you’ve put sunscreen of some kind on your face – and if you plan to have more skin exposed, slather some on any potentially visible areas. Sunscreen helps to filter our exposure to UV rays. Although it does allow some sun to hit our skin, it protects against the most damaging effects of prolonged sun time. Make sure to reapply frequently, though, as sunscreen loses efficiency over time.