Recommended Protection While Playing Paintball

Paintball protection

Playing paintball is a blast especially if you are playing the game with your friends. Although there are rules in the game that protect the players, accidents can still happen. As players, you should understand the risk of getting hit and what the damage could cause, that’s why it is important that protective gear should be worn every time you are out on the playing field. This post should be your guide on what essential protective pieces you should have and wear before heading out to the game.

Paintball Mask

Getting hit in the eyes is a big possibility and when you get hit, this could cause permanent and long term damage. It can cost you your eyesight so you better wear this all the time. Having a mask is essential. It is up to you to select the lens that will work for you. You can either get clear, dark or yellow lenses with an anti-fog technology. Also do not forget that when you purchase a mask, you should consider the ventilation system to allow you to breathe properly and communicate with your teammates.

Paintball Chest Guard

This is worn underneath your clothing that covers the chest and the back for added protection from the impact of an incoming paintball. This is especially important for female paintball contestants as if a close range impact into your breasts is made, it can actually cause some serious damage. Make sure that the chest guard you select is lightweight and flexible enough so you can move freely during the game.

Paintball Neck Protector

Some are not aware that our neck is made of soft tissues that could get seriously damaged when hit by a paintball. Wearing the neck protector could prevent that from happening.

Gloves, Knee and Elbow Pads

The gloves should protect the hands from scrapes and cuts. Knee pads and elbow pads on the other hand will give you enough cushion if in case you need to crawl or kneel.

Buy from a reliable seller and only choose high quality products because these gears are meant to protect you and keep you safe. Good luck and enjoy the game!